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Bespoke Design Services

What sets Mirari apart is our meticulous planning and creative process that involves our customers with our Design Team. Based on the your personal style and architectural interest, our team designs your interior spaces with a variety of options, including upholstery and polishes.

Our interior design services include an optional photo-realistic 3D rendering of your new room – it’s like your very own “after” photoshoot, before you start to shop. You can visually walk through the interiors and experience how the furniture would complement the overall decor and theme of your space.


Exceptional style, without all the hassle 


Concept Design

By incorporating our client’s vision and current trends, we create a design concept. This includes elements such as a mood board, which depicts the look and feel of the property, while also incorporating the brand’s design philosophy. Finally, space constraints, architectural features, and the owner’s personal wishes are relayed in the design.


Design Development

During this phase, the design concept is formulated into conceptual layouts, beginning with our clients’ vision, and working into actual floorplans. Dimensioned details of key components including furniture are also detailed. Possible selections for finishes and polishes are presented.


Model Rendering

Once the design concept and space planning are approved, a specialized 3D rendering will be presented for your project showing all the design aspects of the project. Starting from the finishes to the furniture design and adding the last touches of accessories to give the client a realistic visualization of the completed design. Furthermore, this allows our design to be tested in an actual space, to ensure that the real-life application works properly, and appears as expected.



We are focused on building furniture that is passed from generation to generation: furniture for life. We build our pieces with premium materials and cut-no-corners construction, delivered at the shortest possible time. With Mirari, you will experience luxuriously comfortable furniture that will stand up to your lifestyle.


How to book our Interior Design Services?

Booking our Interior Design Service is very easy! Call us at


or email us at

Keep your floorplans ready and our design team will handle the rest!

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