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Doors & Wardrobes

At Mirari, everything that we do is geared towards creating the perfect experience for our clients. After building a sterling reputation of a premier manufacturer of fine furniture, we are now extending our product range to intrduce Doors & Wardrobes to better meet our client's requirements. 

Our sold wooden doors & wardrobes are crafted from premium grade dried solid wood. Expert craftmanship, hand applied multiple step finish and time proven engineered design results in doors and wardrobes of unsurpassed quality and beauty. Our work can be seen by the customer through each stage of the process from design to final delivery.

Bespoke External Doors

Whether you need a front door, a bi-folding door system looking out onto your garden, or a patio door, our doors are perfect for the job. Any good external door will be built to withstand exposure to the elements, but what sets the best apart goes beyond functionality. An external door is a first impression – 

a beautifully handcrafted one makes a powerful statement about the people who live behind it.

Bespoke Internal Doors

A door tells a building’s story, moving its ‘readers’ from chapter to chapter and revealing its owner’s tastes and values. And, nothing is more suitable to the task than our beautiful, bespoke made doors.


Bespoke Wardrobes

With our wardrobes, you really make the most of every inch of your space. If you’re looking for more storage space in your bedroom, we offer a truly custom-made approach, maximising storage space through practical yet beautifully handcrafted designs. Our bespoke luxury wardrobes are custom designed and tailored to your personal design choices and storage needs.

Personal & Tailor-Made is our Specialty!

Unlike doors and wardrobes bought ‘off the shelf’, what Mirari creates is built to reflect the personal preferences of the person or people who commissioned it. This means that our master craftsmen will construct your door & wardrobes exactly to your specifications and that you should, therefore, get a something that is literally perfect for you and your room.
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